2020 Development updates

Development updates so far in 2020. All FiveM in this one! We will be playing with RedM very soon. HYPE!

Bank security job might be fixed
Car pack fixed that was causing issues
Load screen music updated
Load screen image updated
Stash houses kinda fixed, maybe
A second dealership open just for GTA cars, this is not player-owned
Load screen tweak (sorry about the volume)
Load screen audio volume lowered, re-added the spacebar to mute
EMS can now invoice people to sell bandages
*Special* new house system added you can now buy houses around the map and furnish them yourselves buy a house from Ikea.

Big thanks to one of our dedicated users, Epic for the below additions.
New Pillbox interior added upstairs + downstairs
New Yellow jack bar interior
Couple gang house interiors added
A Little office added into LSC

FiveM stats page overhaul https://www.gbgc.co.uk/fivem-stats

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