Our Story

The journey so far..

GBGC (Great British Gaming Community) formally known as GBRP (Great British Role Play) is a community that shares a love of gaming. We originally started out hosting a server on FiveM for GTAV back in June 2019. Owners Grav and Nickfive developed the server which saw the community grow to over 500. Shortly after, close friend, computer wizard and generally super excellent human gaLcH joined the team.

Since then we now have servers in Rust, Minecraft, and RedM (Red Dead Redemption 2) with DayZ coming at a later date. We now proudly have a Discord community over 800 members strong with a staff team of 20 and over 20,000 active account creations combined through all servers.

Our aim is to be Great Britains largest gaming community and we have future goals of owning several highly developed servers through a large variety of games.

  • Nickfive Co-Owner Nickfive
  • Gr4vz Co-Owner Gr4vz
  • gaLcH Co-Owner gaLcH


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