Our community is free to enjoy. We will never charge anyone to use our servers or to be involved in our journey.

The costs associated with keeping GBGC running are predominantly covered by Nickfive, Gr4vz, and gaLcH who all work full time and have families. They dedicate their own time and resources to keep things updated, implementing new services and generally keep the whole thing ticking over.

Donations from you, the community in any format for, in-game items, patreon, or just direct donation due to kindness are a massive help and make the community grow strong and expand due to being able to invest more.

Since going live in July 2019 we have moved from one game, FiveM, and now have servers covering four different games, totally new and unique branding, a complete overhaul of the discord and integrations and this spanking new website which went live on 1st January 2020.

This has only been possible thanks to the generosity of you guys and girls.

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