Exclusive Vehicle

SKU: exc_vehicle

Want a vehicle that is all yours? One that you can show off around our city and drive with pride?
Pick a vehicle from https://www.gta5-mods.com and we will add it to the server for you!* We have multiple tiers so you can share the same exclusive with friends if you wish.

1 of 1 £50
2 of 2 £70
3 of 3 £80
4 of 4 £90

May take up to 14 days during busy periods to be added to the game.

*Some vehicles may have already been taken, in which case you will be advised of this and asked to choose another. Some may not be compatible with our framework, or may not meet the standard required to be part of our city, again you will be asked to choose another. Please confirm your chosen vehicle is available before purchase.

Tier: 1of1, 2of2, 3of3, 4of4